Have you run out of space, do you need to upsize? If you are looking to move from your first home and this is the first time you have sold then you may be wondering what are most important things to focus on when preparing your home for sale. In terms of the areas in the home that are perhaps most important then kitchens and bathrooms are at the top.

If your budget is limited (you want to spend the most you can on your new property) you probably won’t want to replace the bathroom suite. The exception to that is if the suite is very old and is coloured then replacing with a new white suite is a good idea. Otherwise, I have 3 tips for some simple and cost effective refreshes.


New taps can completely transform the look of a bathroom suite and there are choices to suit all budgets. I personally like mixer taps but if your existing basin/ basin has separate taps you will need to change like for like unless you are also changing the basin/ bath. They come in all styles from traditional to very sleek and modern. When selling, as opposed to selecting for your own home, it is important to bear in mind the need to appeal to the widest audience so opt for a practical simple but stylish design. Consider the functionality of the tap as well as its aesthetic appearance i.e. is it easy to use particularly when hands are wet and soapy!


Bathrooms tend to be small rooms so replacing flooring is usually not expensive. The first rule is carpet is a no-no. Yes it may be cosy underfoot, but for the majority of people it is regarded as unhygienic in a bathroom. You want a floor covering that is easily cleaned. Tiles are smart and practical but a bit chilly for bare feet unless you have underfloor heating. Vinyl or vinyl floor tiles are the cheapest option. They come in a variety of colours and can give the appearance of wood or tiles or stone. Since the amount required is small it can easy to find end of rolls or end of lines for tiles for a discount. Vinyl and vinyl floor tiles can be fitted easily without the need to incur the cost of a tradesman.


The easiest and cheapest way to refresh the look of a bathroom is through the use of accessories. A set comprising soap dispenser/ soap tray and tooth brush holder and brush holder can give a completely different look. I would also include some new fluffy towels which are kept exclusively for the photos and viewings so they stay pristine. All these can be sourced from supermarkets and budget stores such as Matalan or Dunelm Mill. One of my favourite tricks is to have a bale of plain towels but add a touch of colour and luxury with say a guest towel from a luxury brand. I also include a few nice toiletries (with the everyday ones stored in a basket out of sight) and a scented candle.

To sum up – replace old taps with new to modernise, replace old flooring for a clean fresh feel and add new accessories and towels.

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