So you’ve decided that it’s time to downsize – maybe you’ve come to the realisation yourself, an event may have occurred that has made you consider that it would be a good idea or perhaps the family have been dropping hints. Whatever your reason, it’s a huge decision and not one to be taken lightly and you may not even be sure that it’s the right one. Take your time and maybe view a few properties to get a feel. If you are downsizing it’s likely that you haven’t moved for a while so here are a few things to consider.

Pros and Cons

If you aren’t quite sure, or even if you just want clarification that yes it is the right thing to do, draw up lists of reasons for and against. Positives could be things such as

  • Reducing outgoings – running costs should be lower on a smaller property and moving is an opportunity to have a home that is more energy efficient
  • Less maintenance – this could mean either of the property itself and/ or the garden
  • Less housework – even if rooms aren’t being used they will still need to be kept clean. Less housework frees up time for other activities
  • A more practical layout – it could be that you want single storey living

The disadvantages are likely to include

  • Having to get rid of furniture and possessions
  • Fewer rooms for guests
  • Smaller rooms

Image of a blackboard divided into two columns headed Pros and Cons with a hand holdng a piece of chalk



Letting Go

When we have lived in a home more many years it is bound to contain many memories, good and bad. It was your home with a loved one who has passed away, it was where you brought up a family. Any move is going to be difficult but you will always have those memories and you can take those memories with you in the form of a favourite armchair, photos and ornaments. I have recently been reading Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy and one element I took from it was expressing gratitude to the items that you discard (there will be more on the topic of decluttering in my next blog). I think this is a tool that helps generally when downsizing. It’s natural to feel sad but it is also a tremendous opportunity to recall all the good times and once you feel that gratitude then you are ready for your next adventure! I will explore the topic of emotional attachment in a later blog as it is so important.



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Professional Help 

When you have lived in your home for a period of time you get used to it. You live in it in a way that feels comfortable to you and that suits your lifestyle. However, this can mean that you overlook what a stranger would see, such as scuffed paintwork, an unfinished DIY project or a spare bedroom that is where you keep the ironing board set up. It’s fair to say that some of these things are very insignificant and buyers can see past them. Unfortunately, consciously or unconsciously, these minor points can add up to an overall impression that is unfavourable. An outsider can come in and identify these little niggles so that they can be addressed. Let me take the strain. I can either give you the tools to do what’s needed yourself or do it for you.

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