Christmas is coming … If your property is currently on the market you may be wondering what to do. Do you take the property off the market and relaunch in the New Year? If you keep your property on the market do you put up the Christmas decorations and if so how many? It’s definitely a dilemma.

The first point to make is that the statistics for people looking on Rightmove over Christmas and New Year are staggering as can be seen by this graph from the portal Rightmove. So yes you should definitely be on the market. In this blog I will offer some tips on the extent to which you should decorate.


I am always referring to “kerb appeal” and this is because first impressions really do count. There has been a trend towards decorating the exterior of our properties as well as the inside at Christmas which I think has come from the US. It encompasses everything from a few lights over the porch to gardens decorated with inflatable Santa on his sleigh and reindeer. The key to decorating when selling at Christmas is moderation especially when it comes to the exterior of your property. A wreath made from natural materials hung on the front door, bay trees decorated with simple white LED lights and a couple of lanterns make a welcoming approach without being overpowering.


Moving inside, it’s difficult question, I know. How far do you go with the decorations.On the one hand, thinking of your own Christmas, you may want to splurge, especially if you have children. On the other, if you are going to be having viewings then it’s best to be restrained. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, a big tree and lots of Christmas decorations can make a space look cluttered and small, which you definitely don’t want. Secondly, having lots of decorations can be a distraction. Buyers may be focusing on the decorations (good or bad) rather than the property itself. The aim is to create a space that looks inviting and festive without being too much.


What parts of your home should you prepare for Christmas? The hallway is the first area of the home that buyers will see so it is a welcoming to have some Christmas touches in this space. If you have a console table then this is a perfect spot to have a lantern with a candle or perhaps cluster of LED lights or pretty baubles, a decorative ornament such as a reindeer or heart and a plant such as a poinsettia, cyclamen or Christmas cactus. If you don’t have console then try a decorative garland wound around the bannister. In the lounge then a modestly sized Christmas tree would be a starting point, in a small space you can buy ones that go flat against the wall. Decorate it subtly, to fit the colour sccheme of the room. Rather than adding extra ornaments, instead opt for a few festively themed cushions. Leaving out tea and coffee making facilities and perhaps a plate of mince pies in the kitchen is a nice touch.

In summary, when selling at Christmas create a an attractive exterior, welcoming entrance hallway and don’t overdo it. Need help styling for a sale at Christmas? Call me on 07745 86182 or e mail me at Don’t Move Home Without Me!