If you are moving for a change of lifestyle there will always be a motivating factor, it could be for the location, the size of property or to be closer to family. For most buyers having some family space where everyone can spend time together is very important. Although there has been a huge increase in popularity of the kitchen diner, for a lot of home owners the lounge is still the most important room and we tend to regard it as the main room of the house.

Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to the living room when selling, at the very least it can give an indication of what the rest of the property can be. The living room should be the showcase for your home. In this blog I have some tips for how to achieve this.


As the lounge tends to be the main living room in the home it needs to feel spacious. Time and again on property programmes prospective buyers talk about wanting space and for it to feel light and airy. This is borne out by my experience when working in estate agency. So when selling you need to maximise the sense of space in your lounge. The first thing to do is consider furniture. We are all different and have our homes furnished to suit our individual requirements. As a result we may have large sofas, a number of extra chairs because everyone wants their own and various side tables, display cabinets etc. The end result is that the space feels cramped and it may be difficult to move around the room. Think about who is likely to buy from you and what is really necessary as there may be items that are there to fit your specific requirements. You may need to put these things in storage or decide to dispose of them altogether. Substitute oversized pieces of furniture for smaller by renting or borrowing.


I frequently refer to the need to clearly demonstrate the function or functions of a room. If you want your lounge to be the showcase for your property buyers need to be able to understand what it is used for. If you are able to present the lounge as solely for relaxing in and not also for dining and/ or working then that is great because you can really show it off for that purpose. For modern families the kitchen diner has become the hub of the home and the lounge is the “adult” space where the parents chill out once the kids have gone to bed. For a larger multi-functional room, if different activities can’t be moved elsewhere then ensure that the space is zoned with definite areas for each activity. Using rugs and different wall finishes such as wallpaper in one area helps with this.

Dressing The Room

To make the lounge stand out and appeal to your buyers aspirations then you need to add finishing touches. Add in a few statement pieces such as lamps, throws and ornaments and remember that these will be accompanying you on your move. Create your own artwork using tester pots of paint chosen to fit your colour scheme on canvas bought from art suppliers or craft shops.

So when preparing your lounge as a showcase for your property when selling – make the room spacious, clearly demonstrate its function and dress it to impress. Need help preparing for sale? Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail at judith@homestyle4u.com I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West. Don’t Move Home Without Me!