If you are upsizing then it’s very likely that you have a problem with a lack of storage. Obviously, you may be upsizing because the family has grown, you are accommodating relatives or because you need workspace. However, a lack of it, perhaps in combination with one of these other factors, is a prime reason for upsizing. It is important because if buyers feel that a property lacks storage they can be put off buying so you don’t want to give the impression that your home is bursting at the seams.

In this situation it can be tempting to simply go out and buy extra storage boxes, even furniture if you have the space for it, but stop and think first.


When moving you have to pack everything that you are taking with you so it makes sense to declutter. Decluttering also means that there is less to store which means that your storage requirements are different from what you thought they were. For example, you might have thought that a room needed an extra storage unit or a wardrobe but once you have decluttered you find that you can have freed up space elsewhere. Not only have you saved money at the outset but twice over if what you have bought isn’t right for your next home. So start by decluttering because that then enables you to assess what those storage needs are. Write down what additional storage you need for each room or area of your house.

Make The Most Of your Existing Space

When it comes to deciding how to achieve that additional storage, begin by considering the existing space. Are you making the most of it? A classic example is the space under the stairs. If it is open and not already boxed in then doing so is a very simple solution. If the space is large, having it divided with each section accessible separately makes using it easy. Another option is to have bespoke shelving built that can then take storage baskets but personally I think cupboards are neater. If you have a desk elsewhere in your home can you relocate it to under the stairs thus freeing up space elsewhere. Having shelves fitted in alcoves or around doorways is another good solution.

Storage Options

Furniture can be a form of storage but obviously does come at a cost. When deciding whether or not to invest in furniture, bear in mind whether you will need it/ will it fit in your new home (both in terms of size and style). Examples are divan/ ottoman style beds, media units, coffee tables with drawers or in the form of an ottoman. Cheaper is simply storage baskets which come in a wide range of styles and materials. If your storage is going to be on display then choose something that is appropriate for the room and will blend in, you don’t want it to stand out.

So to summarise – when you are looking to upsize and need extra storage start by planning and decluttering, make the most of your existing space and then decide on the best type of storage which can be furniture and/ or storage baskets.

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