We all know that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. There is a lot of uncertainty – will the house sell, how long will it take, how much for, will it go smoothly, will you find the right property to move to? – the list is endless. There is also the feeling of being on edge, waiting for the phone to ring, needing to keep the house tidy and that feeling of being in limbo. At first there is all the excitement as the property goes on the market but then if you don’t get the viewings or viewings don’t result in offers you begin to wonder why this is. You may consider reducing the asking price.

So how can property styling help with this?   The aims of styling your home for sale are to achieve a quick sale and/ or the best possible sale price. A quick sale obviously reduces the time a property is on the market and thus reduces the period of uncertainty. What are the benefits of property styling and how can I help you ?

Feeling Overwhelmed

You may be aware that something is wrong and that something needs to be done to improve the presentation of your property but not know where to start. We get used to living in a certain way and if we have lived in our home for a number of years then it can be difficult for us to see what may be putting potential buyers off. I will take an objective look and advise on the issues that are likely to deter buyers and what things make a property appealing. Having worked in estate agency I am used to conducting viewings, hearing what viewers say and this means I understand what buyers are looking for. I will advise you on what needs doing in order of priority, either in the form of a verbal consultation or in the form of a written report.

Feeling Tired and Lacking Time

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You may already be feeling tired due to work and family commitments and not have the time to spare to undertake improvements. I will discuss with you my recommendations, how those will be implemented and by whom. If you wish I will arrange for third parties such as decorators, carpet fitters etc. to undertake the required work and I will shop for accessories.


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Moving is expensive, we might not have much spare cash and understandably we are reluctant to spend money on a house we aren’t going to be living in. I always advise clients to regard the cost of styling as an investment, which they should recoup when they sell (although of course there are no guarantees). Styling should improve the level of the offers you receive and might enable you to increase your asking price. Often the alternative is a price reduction of a greater amount than the amount you would spend on styling. I will always discuss your budget with you and look to make the most of it

I am here to help you make the most of your property and can help reduce the stress of the moving process. It’s always worth getting advice. Call Now on 07745 876182 or e mail me at judith@homestyle4u.com  to book a no obligation consultation. I cover Wirral, Cheshire and the North West .