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The two things that I would always prioritise when selling a property are cleanliness and clutter. If a property feels dirty then viewers will feel uncomfortable and will want to leave no matter how much the property may suit them in other respects. You don’t want viewers leaving with a sense that they need to wash their hands. That may be an extreme example but when you’ve made that momentous decision to change your life and move somewhere else you want to sell quickly either because you’ve already seen the dream home or because you are going to move into rented so you are ready to pounce. The kitchen tends to be one of the most important rooms when people are house hunting and it’s a space where hygiene is important so you want to get it looking good and thereafter easy to keep clean for viewings.


Image of a tidy kitchenHaving as little as possible on worktops has two advantages. First, the amount of workspace available tends to be a major consideration for buyers. People like to have plenty of space for preparation and to rest pots and pans, plates etc. Secondly, the less you have out the quicker and easier it is to keep worktops clean. So consider all the equipment and gadgets that you have out. How regularly do you use them, can they be put away? If there isn’t room to store them in cupboards and you use them frequently can you create space by taking out other items that you use infrequently, boxing them up and storing them in the loft of garage. Even better, can you do without them and dispose of them? I also advocate having as little as possible on window ledges as it can impede the light, perhaps just a pot of herbs.


Having reduced the number of items on your worktops it’s time for a serious cleaning session. My approach is to take everything off the worktops and put it elsewhere such as the dining room table. I then clean the oven including all the racks and trays, the inside of the oven doors (if you can remove the internal glass to clean then do so) and hob. Don’t neglect the extractor hood this can easily be overlooked, wash and/ or change the filter. If cleaning the oven isn’t something you enjoy doing then employ a professional oven cleaning company. I wipe down all the cupboard doors with hot soapy water and check the edges of the doors. similarly wipe down splashbacks and tiles. If the grout between tiles behind the cooker has become discoloured use a specialist grout cleaner. Clean the sink and taps, not forgetting underneath the dish drainer. Clean those worktops. Finally I mop the floor and leave it to dry. Again you may prefer to employ a professional cleaner to come in to do that first deep clean and thereafter say once a week while your home is on the market.

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Daily Tips

Image of tea towels hanging on pegs Do keep all washing up out of sight and don’t leave it in the sink. If you have a dishwasher get into the habit of putting things straight in there when they have been used. If you don’t have a dishwasher wash up immediately after each meal, dry and put away. The paraphernalia of the kitchen such as brushes, washing up liquid and dishcloths can look unsightly so have a basin or caddy under the sink that these items can easily be thrown into. Wipe down worksurfaces and the hob after every use. Being organised like this means you won’t have to panic if you get an unexpected call from your agent requesting to do a viewing. Keep a clean tea towel handy to put out when you are going out. Always be prepared!



In summary, declutter your work surfaces, give your kitchen a thorough clean and keep on top of it. Need a kitchen session? Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West