Monday marks the Autumn Equinox, and we enter another quarter of the year. It’s a time when, traditionally, the property market has a bit of a boost. However, I have read reports that it isn’t happening this year. Christmas (sorry to mention it!) is a big focus for those to looking to move, it’s often a deadline for when buyers want to be in their new homes. So, if you are about to go on the market or are struggling to sell, time is running short to catch those who want to be in for Christmas.

I talk about “feel” a lot and creating the right atmosphere for buyers. This means that the presentation of your home, and the marketing photos, need to be appropriate for the season. I’m not suggesting a complete redecoration, but one of the advantages of a neutral décor is that it is easy to make changes so that buyers will feel comfortable according to the time of year. So I want to offer a few suggestions for autumn appropriate touches around your home.


You can’t have failed to notice that we are now at a time when early mornings and the evenings are starting to feel chilly but you may be resisting the impulse to put the heating on. You want to buyers to imagine themselves being able to snuggle up when this happens. If you have an open fire or log burner, it’s good to light these if the weather is a little chilly when viewings are taking place, and they make lovely lifestyle images for your marketing. Throws are a must, ready to hand to pull over you when curled up watching a movie or tv.

Colour and Texture

Take a walk in the countryside for your colour inspiration. The leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, flowers are fading and grasses are dying. So introduce darker greens, rusts, deep reds, caramels. As for textures, it’s time to swap the lightweight cotton and linen for wool and velvet but we are not in full blown Winter mode yet so not too heavy. Consider swapping art work to pictures in autumn colours. It is a well known fact that using the influence of nature is beneficial for our sense of well being.

And To Finish …

Finally add those little lifestyle touches that you might want at this time of year, what are your buyers likely to be doing? Create a picture in your mind. I have alluded to curling up with a book or perhaps a box set, so set out a book on a side table or leave a box set and tv remote on a coffee table. If your buyers are a family then they might be playing board games (currently enjoying a revival). They will probably be looking forward to mugs of tea so set out a tray with mugs and a tea pot on a kitchen worktop or in the living room, perhaps a bottle of wine and glasses if it is an evening viewing.

To recap – you want your home to reflect that we are now in Autumn so that your marketing material reflects the time of year and that buyers feel comfortable when viewing. Create a space that is warm, has touches of Autumnal colour and accessories that reflect what buyers are likely to be doing at this time of year.

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