Ideal Home Show

On Sunday I had a fantastic time visiting the Ideal Home Show at London Olympia. The show is full of lots of different products and services – from those for renovating such as doors and windows, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring etc to accessories for those finishing touches. However, on this occasion I wasn’t thinking so much about the future property but ideas I could share with those who are selling and might benefit from a few tips.


KevinWhen selling one of the key steps that I advise clients to take is declutter because you always want to let buyers see the space available, plus clutter is a distraction when buyers are viewing. Having decluttered then you need appropriate storage. Storage needs to be functional of course but also attractive. One stand that caught my attention was that of Fineline Furniture a family run company located in Kilkenny, Ireland who specialise in making handcrafted furniture. What really caught my attention was the Box on a Box storage solution. I got talking to Kevin, one of the two brothers, who explained that the idea came about some six years ago and originated from them using boxes to stand on and then for standing the telly on. The system consists of nine boxes which can be configured in one hundred and forty different ways but the boxes can be purchased individually. The boxes are constructed from solid wood with dovetail joints. What I thought was so good was the sheer versatility of the system. Not only can the nine boxes be used for different storage options but they make great bedside cabinets, side tables and individual boxes can be mounted on the wall for display.  Even better, when you move you simply take the boxes with you and reassemble to suit your new home. Visit the Box on a Box page to learn more.

If you are selling a home with limited outside space such as a yard or area with a small area of grass then one problem you have is that you either have no greenery or the grass is looking unkempt. If you do have grass and it is in poor condition then you can remove the existing turf and re lay but if perhaps you aren’t living in the home and maintenance is an issue, or you don’t have a lawn,  then artificial grass is a practical option. The Artificial Lawn Company offer several versions.     

Artificial Grass


Another problem that often arises for those selling their home and trying to keep the home tidy is the jungle of cables for all the devices we own. One option is of course to tidy them away in a drawer but if you want a more stylish option, TouchDown Charging offers side tables and lamps which do away with cables and of course will move with you.

IMG_0482                       IMG_0481

One area where I did notice a lot of interest was log cabins and the centrepiece of the show was the Evolving Home, a seven unit modular house. The increase in changes in family living such as accommodating grown up children and elderly parents not to mention home working is a reason behind a lot of moves. It is always important when selling your home to ensure that each room is presented with a purpose in mind, precisely what that purpose should be will vary according to your target market and in certain circumstances, converting a garage or outbuilding could be a worthwhile investment.

If you are thinking of selling or are already on the market but struggling to sell, book a fact finding session with me to discover how exactly I can help maximise the value of your home for sale. Call me on 07745 876182 or e mail I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West