Is 2020 going to be the year you make that lifestyle move? If so, this week I want to talk about the importance of the hallway. The hallway is often a neglected space, it’s a transit area that we use to move between different areas in the house. However, when selling it’s an area you ignore at your peril. Why? Quite simply because it’s the first experience buyers will get of the interior of your property. It sets the scene. Buyers can actually make a decision about whether or not to buy the property whilst stood the hallway so it needs to make a good impression. So what are the key elements.


Space is a theme I keep coming back to time and again. The hall often be a cluttered space with coats hanging on hooks by the door and shoes and bags lined up on floor below. This might be for reasons of convenience or because there isn’t a designated cloak cupboard. As a result it feels cramped and unwelcoming. So find somewhere else to hang the coats (in a wardrobe in the bedroom perhaps). For busy families one easy and time saving trick is to have a big storage box into which everything is put and which can then be put in the car when viewings are due. Have a basket at the bottom of the stairs for family members to put things that need to go upstairs in that is taken up everytime someone goes upstairs. This avoids an accumulation of items in the hall – you know, the pile that everyone walks past.


With your decor you can go one of two ways – either the light and airy feel or the dramatic look. The former is always a safe option and will appeal most buyers. Go for an off white or light grey or green such as Dulux’s colour of the year 2019 Tranquil Dawn. The dramatic look works well in period properties and it can also be effective in a small space. Decorate in a dark colour such as Arquerite or Sage Green from Little Greene or hang a statement wallpaper.

Finishing Touches

In a hallway it is always useful to have somewhere where you can put your keys down. A slender console table can make the start for a creating a focal point. As in the image a mirror above the console is practical for checking your appearance before you leave the house and a couple of lamps at either end lends symmetry. If you have a radiator in your hallway then a radiator cover not only disguises the radiator but can function as an alternative to a console. If storage is lacking then a bench with a lid or shelves with baskets is a neat option.

Finally, to sum up, when preparing a hall for selling you want create space, decorate and create a focal point. Pushed for time? Let me style your home for sale and call me on 07745 86182 or e mail me at I cover Wirral, Cheshire and the North West