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Lots of us work from home these days, whether it’s running our business or, if you are an employee, you might work from home a certain number of days each week. Depending on what exactly we do, our work space needs will differ. In this blog I am concerned with the most common scenario, namely where you need a computer or laptop and perhaps some storage.

Needing more, or more functioning, work space is a common element in why we look to upsize but how do we address the problem of selling but still needing to work while our home is on the market?

Define Your Work Area

If you are upsizing in order to obtain dedicated work space or improved work space, then it’s likely that you currently use the dining table or perhaps a corner of a living room or bedroom. One of the most important things to do when presenting a multi functional space is to avoid confusion as to the purpose of a space. A lot of buyers struggle to visualise how a space or a room can be changed so make it easy for them and show how it can be done. This doesn’t mean that a space can’t be used be for more than one purpose, simply that the space needs to be demarcated for each function. For example, in a living room or dining room that is also used as a work space, identify where is the best spot to create a dedicated work area, preferably in a corner, an alcove or under the stairs. I recommend starting by analysing what is the basic workspace you need bearing in mind that this is a temporary measure e.g desk, work station, storage. Can you reduce what you need as this may make it easier to create your work space? Having done this, consider rearranging your furniture or even relocating your work area to a different room. In an open plan space, zone the work area using a rug or painting an alcove a different colour. In a small home you don’t need to remove all evidence of a work area, in fact, having a work area can be beneficial as it demonstrates to buyers that there is an area that can be used to work from. On the other hand,  if you have a bedroom that is used solely for work and have squeezed two beds or bunk beds into another bedroom to achieve this then change the office back into a bedroom and create a new work area elsewhere in the property or even rent some office space short term. Buyers usually want a certain number of bedrooms and need to see them as bedrooms.

Image of a living room with an area zoned as a work area

Workspace Solutions

Image of a bureau with drop down lid, drawers and cupboardClearly the type of office you need depends on what you do. If the nature of your work is “office based” i.e somewhere for a computer or laptop and printer plus space to set out paperwork etc  then it will be quite straight forward. However, consider the environment in which you are working. If it is a multi functional space then try to use furniture that will fit in with the other furniture in the room and the style of the room rather than traditional style office furniture. A wooden desk or table can easily be transformed with a coat of paint and can you utilise an existing dining chair rather than an office chair? In a living room you may prefer to use a workstation that closes up and looks like a cabinet, it can be left open or partially open on viewings to show what it is.



Image of padded storage ottomanIf you work from home you may well need storage. Again, think laterally, if you have filing cabinets can the contents be transferred to a cupboard and the cabinets stored elsewhere (this may course depend on whether the contents need to kept securely) or could you simply move the cabinets and continue to access them elsewhere? Can storage be made to blend in with the other furniture and consider storage that doesn’t look like office furniture. An ottoman can contain a lot whilst at the same time serving as a coffee table.


In summary, when looking to upsize when working from home, define your work area, select appropriate solutions for your work station and choose storage. remember that anything you buy can move with you to your next home. Need help when preparing your home for sale call now on 07745 876182 or e mail me at and book an appointment. I cover Wirral, Cheshire and the North West.