We are now well into September, the kids are back at school and you’re back at work (or perhaps you’re glad that everyone else is) You’ve been on your holidays to a perfect location and decided that you want to move there. You’ve come back enthused and full of the “September is the new New Year” mantra that keeps appearing, determined to make that lifestyle move. One of the tasks when you put your property on the market is to first identify your target market because, in order to maximise your sale price and sell quickly, your property needs to appeal to the right audience. In this blog I offer three tips to get you there.


You need to identify who your target market are. You may think this is obvious, but research may suggest that it isn’t who you think it is or may show that the market is wider than you imagine. The larger the audience is, the better the chances are that you will sell quickly and as close to your asking price as possible. Scour the press, magazines and the internet for stories about the property market. Watch property related programmes such as Location, Location, Location or Escape To The Country. These can provide valuable insight into trends in what different demographics are looking for. For example, bungalows make great family accommodation. Speak with a variety of local estate agents to ask what kind of buyers have been buying your kind of property. Ask friends and family.

What Do They Want?

Once you have researched your target market and know who is most likely to buy your property, consider what is on their wish list in terms of what they want from a property. The starting point is to ask yourself what made you buy your property, often the factors that made you buy your home will be precisely what your buyers are looking for. Bear in mind that how we live changes from one era to another so what appealed to you may not be exactly what today’s buyers are after. An example of this would be the popularity of home offices. The point of this is that you may need to make changes to maximise the potential of your home. For example, I once created additional off road parking when selling a house.

Present Appropriately

If you have identified your target market/s and what they are looking for you then need to present the property in a manner that is most likely to appeal to those people. Even if you are aiming at a fairly clearly defined market such as families, it is always best to try to present your property in a such a way that it will also appeal to a wider audience or least not alienate them. So start by thinking about the practicalities such as flooring and décor. These should be neutral so that buyers can easily imagine putting their own stamp on your property. Against a neutral backdrop you can add interest and personality through the use of feature walls and accessories that will appeal to your target buyers. Here, you can use colours, textures and accessories that are in keeping with current trends. Add those touches that are going to most appeal to your target buyer. Add those touches that are going to most appeal to your target buyer.

In conclusion, when selling for that new lifestyle who is going to buy? – do your research into who they are, identify what they want and then present your home appropriately.

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