(photo courtesy of Home&Garden Listings)

According to a report by sales and lettings agent KIS as reported by Property Reporter, August is a good time to sell. According to the firm an analysis by them of official Land Registry figures “show that over the last three years 20% more homes have been sold in August than the annual average, and 30% more than average figures for January.”

August is a month when people may have more time to search owing to holidays and longer evenings, assisted by the fact that many estate agents are operating longer opening hours. Coupled with longer daylight hours, weather conditions are (generally) more favourable. Properties tend to look more attractive and gardens look their best.  For families there may be the added impetus of wanting to settle children before the start of the new school year. So there are definitely good reasons to get your house on the market in the next week or two and if you are already on the market but haven’t sold it could be the time to take stock and make sure your home is looking its best. Here are three tips for selling at this time of year.

1. Garden – there is no doubt that outside space is very important to most buyers even if it is only a small space. Gardens should be looking their best at this time of year. Make sure that your lawn is mown regularly if you have one. Keep borders weeded and watered in hot weather. Ensure that your garden has colour. This shouldn’t be difficult  at this time of year but if you don’t have flower borders, have a few planters filled with colourful flowers such as geraniums. Have a seating area so that buyers can picture themselves sititng out and enjoying a glass of wine. Most spaces can accomodate at least a small bistro set, This one is all about lifestyle.

2. Space and Light – I am a big believer in changing things such as curtains and accessories according to season. In the Winter we like to create a warm and cosy feel so will opt for fabrics such as velvets and wool and warmer colours such as purples or oranges. However, in the summer months heavy fabrics and darker colours can make a room feel oppressive. Changing curtains, throws and cushion covers for lighter fabrics including cottons and linens or even voiles and in lighter colours (think ice cream shades including shell pink and mint green) cretaes a lighter more airy feel.

3. Bring The Outside In – connect the outside with the inside.  If you are lucky enough to have bi-fold doors they come in to their own in Summer but french doors opened up to the outside are a good alternative. Open the windows to let in the fresh air. Arrange some flowers cut  from the garden in a pretty jug for a natural feel. If you don’t have suitable flowers in your garden then buy similar garden flowers such as stocks and roses. A single geranium in a pot is an easy way to add colour. Continue the colour scheme of your property in the dressing of your outside furniture, for example, cushions and tableware.

So get your property ready for that August sale. For further advice contact us by e mail at info@homestyle4u.com call us on 07745 876182 or send an enquiry via our contact us page. We cover Cheshire and the North West.