So you’ve carefully considered the pros and cons, put your business hat on and made the decision to downsize. As referred to in my previous blog, one of the perceived disadvantages of downsizing is the fact that downsizing, by its very nature, involves moving to a smaller property but it also represents an opportunity. It is an established fact that having too much around us can make us stressed and anxious. Now it might not feel that you have too much in your current home, but it is possible that you have things that you no longer use and have forgotten about. On a very practical note the more contents you have to move the more you have to pack and the higher the removal costs are likely to be especially if you are putting things in storage. When I was moving recently, I was forced to go through boxes in my garage that I had not unpacked from a previous move and was not only astounded by the amount of things I got rid of but also by how satisfying it felt. Now I’m going to use the dreaded “D” word – Declutter. Here are some tips to get started.

Manageable Chunks

Image of a clock faceSo when should you declutter? Undoubtedly, the best time is BEFORE you go on the market not when you packing for the removals. Not only will it enhance the appeal of your home but there will be less to pack. The prospect of decluttering can be overwhelming and it can be particularly hard to get started. It very much helps to tackle the task in manageable chunks. You can approach this from the angle of setting a certain amount of time for each session or focus on a specific area such as a drawer, a cupboard or a room. Marie Kondo advocates tackling the whole of a particular class of item, for example, clothes, books, paperwork. What you want to avoid is simply moving items from one place to another so tidy up first. Do not underestimate what you can achieve in a session, not doing as much as you planned makes you feel demotivated and feeling tired can impact on your decision about what to do with items.


Decide what possible options there are. I like the following

  • Keep
  • Donate to a charity
  • Sell either for money or on a free recycling website
  • Bin

I prefer not to have a “undecided” pile. If you aren’t sure then by all means put an item on one side but for no longer than 24 hours. If it helps have someone to assist, it can be beneficial to bounce your thoughts off but not if it will cause arguments and at the end of the day it’s your decision. Donating to charity or selling on a website are a fantastic opportunity for recycling and doing your bit for the environment, plus the recipient will have the chance to derive pleasure from the item.

sorting clothes


storageSometimes people incentivise the process of decluttering by buying some attractive storage – a unit or storage boxes. While investing in attractive storage which you can take with you to your new home is a good idea, wait until you have decluttered as it is only then that you will know how much storage and of what type you will need. Plus, if what you are considering is in the nature of furniture, unless you know it will suit your next property you are probably best waiting.





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