Next weekend is Easter so why not try a few ideas to brighten up your home and make it something of an occasion. Whether you are going to be on your own or together as a family make the most of the long Bank Holiday weekend by adding some Easter touches.

Easter Wreath

Image of decorative wicker wreath decorated with green foliage, yellow flowers and painted eggs

We are all very familiar with the idea of the Christmas wreath adorning our front door but have you thought of hanging one on your front door at Easter? For me, an Easter wreath definitely needs to be formed from natural materials such as raffia, and include foliage. They are easy to make using a basic wreath purchased from a craft supplier covered completely or partly with moss or green foliage wrapped round and held in place with florist wire. You then add decorative elements of your choice which could be decorative eggs, an artificial bird’s nest or Easter bunnies. The beauty of this is that, once Easter is over, you can substitute decorations that are referenced to Spring rather than specifically Easter themed and enjoy it for longer.

Decorative Ornaments

Image of a grey/ silver/ cream coloured hare ornament positioned on a wooden side table

The difficulty with event specific ornaments is that you don’t get to enjoy them for very long and packing them away requires storage. so if you are looking for something with a longer life think slightly differently. The Easter bunny is a classic Easter decoration and it is easy to find cute examples in the shops. For something a little bit different why not look for a an ornament in the form of a hare? There are examples of bronze or resin sculptures which are very stylish and they would suit any style of decor. For a more rustic style, I like this version in grey/ silver and cream which is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. For Easter tie a cheerful gingham ribbon in green or yellow round his neck.

Easter Dining Table

Image of a dining table set for Easter with green rabbits down the centre. Each place setting has a little basket with handle and a small green plant in it. The are also vases with pink tulips

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs you will have noticed that I have become somewhat of a fan of “table scaping” This is basically about dressing a table for a meal. It tends to apply to occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter etc but it could also be used for every day. You can make as much (or as little) of an effort as you want. For me I want to make it fun so include rabbits and chicks. You want to include Spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, snowdrops or muscari (also known as grape hyacinths). Go for a soft pastel colour palette, bright sunny yellows and greens in gingham and polka dots or, for a more sophisticated look, natural linens and white.

The Easter Tree

Another example of adapting Christmas decorating ideas is the Easter “tree”. Instead of the Christmas tree use an Easter display tree in the form of a twig tree. These can be bought but I think it’s more fun to create your own using twigs/ branches from the garden placed in a vase, forsythia with its yellow buds works especially well. Then add tree decorations such as eggs, felt hearts or animals. These trees look good in any room but particularly suit an entrance hall.

Whatever you are doing this Easter, have some fun and add some colour to your home. If you need any help with your home decor ring me on 07745 876182 or e mail me at I cover the Wirral, Cheshire, North West and North Wales. Further afield? I offer an E-Design service.