There are many reasons why a property may be empty when it is put on the market for sale – the owners may already moved, the owner may have died and the family have cleared the property, the property may have been renovated by an investor or it may be a new build.

A property being empty can have its advantages, for example, some buyers find it easier to visualise their belongings in the rooms, there is no clutter so the room sizes are obvious. However, in most cases, empty properties are more difficult to sell. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Most buyers start their search for a property online even if they follow that up by registering with local estate agents. Images of empty rooms tend not to be very interesting so properties may often be discounted without a click through. Your property needs to attract the attention of prospective purchasers so that they view.

2. When people view an empty property yes the space may be obvious but without furniture to ground it buyers can find it difficult to work out if their furniture will fit. Believe me this is important. Buyers do make decisions about buying a property based on whether a piece of furniture will fit even if the property is otherwise perfect for them. Yes we’ve probably all seen Kirstie Allsopp on Location, Location, Location lying on a bedroom floor waving her arms so as to demonstrate that a bed will fit and I’ve whipped out my tape measure on viewings but it isn’t ideal. If the room is furnished appropriately it is easy for buyers to see that their furniture will fit.

3. How often on property programmes or if you’ve been out viewing properties, have you talked about the “feel” of a property? When it comes to making a decision buyers often make that decision based on how the property feels, does it feel like home. It is very difficult to create an ambience in an empty property, they can feel soulless.

Empty Room

Staging an empty property for sale with furniture, accessories etc helps prospective buyers visualise themselves living in the property and creates a sense of anticipation.

Cosy Sitting Room

So if you are selling or planning to sell a property that is empty contact me to arrange a consultation. Call 07745 876182 or e mail info@homestyle4u.com . I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West.