I watch a lot of property programmes (call it research) including those aimed at selling houses such as House Doctor, Phil Spencer Secret Agent and Selling Homes. The presenter often asks “why do you think your property hasn’t sold?” to which the response comes “I’ve no idea, I just can’t understand it.”  At this point viewers are probably screaming at their television because it’s patently obvious why the property hasn’t sold e.g. the place is a tip, the decor is dreadful, there are unfinished DIY jobs etc. Sometimes the home owner is aware that there are problems and is then asked “in that case why haven’t you done X, Y or Z?”

An explanation that home owners frequently give in this situation is that whoever buys the property is going to want to do their own thing so there’s no point.  My observations on that are:-

  • There is no excuse for not tidying up and cleaning.
  • Yes the buyers may wish to put their own stamp on a property but in most cases they will intend to live in the property while they make any changes so they want to feel that they can move in and live in the property in the meantime. A clean property that has been given a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new carpet gives that feeling.
  • Unfinished jobs, even minor ones, cause lead buyers to worry that there are more serious problems to be discovered and put them off.

Often very simple, and inexpensive changes can make a big difference to the appeal of your property making it easier to sell and achieving a better selling price. Our advice service is a cost effective way of learning exactly what you need to do, read more HERE.



So if you are thinking of selling, or have been on the market for a while but not sold – ask yourself the question “If I was looking to move would I view my home?” and give an honest answer. If you need help call on 07745 876182 e mail us at   or complete the enquiry form below. We cover Cheshire and the North West.

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