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When I am talking to sellers about staging their home for sale, a common Question that I get asked is “If I am moving house why would I spend money on it, I’m not going to see any benefit?” Well it depends on how you define “benefit” doesn’t it? What they probably mean by “benefit” in this case is that they won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the change e.g. a new patio.

Everyone’s circumstances are different of course but, in general, when you sell your house you want one, or both, of the following.

  1. A quick sale
  2. The best possible price

You’ve probably heard the expression “you have to speculate to accumulate”. For example, if you are running a business, you need to buy stock, build a website, market your business etc , it takes investment. It’s the same when selling your house, you need to invest in your property. That could mean undertaking DIY, making changes to the layout or simply dressing the property so that it looks attractive in the photos when people are searching online and when they view. Those actions may not necessarily cost a lot but the impact can be crucial. I will always work within the customer’s budget whatever that is and seek to maximise what can be achieved within it so if your budget is limited don’t be put off.

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The benefit you derive from this investment is that your property is more attractive to potential buyers and will sell more quickly and/ or because you have attracted more interest you are able to negotiate a higher selling price. Often the increase in selling price will outweigh the cost of what you have done. And while the sale is going through yes you will still get to enjoy those improvements.

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To find out how staging your home can benefit your sale call 07745 876182 e mail I cover the Wirral, Cheshire and the North West