So the property market is moving again. New properties are coming to market. What do you do if yours has been on the market since before the start of lockdown but still hasn’t sold? It’s a frustrating time, I know how it feels to be sitting there wondering why you haven’t sold.

1. Marketing

Image of property sales brochure showing a photo of a house and a floor plan

The first thing to consider is your marketing. If your property has been on the market for any period of time, say over 8 weeks, your listing is probably looking a bit stale. Your photos may reflect a different season which is a dead giveaway for the fact that the property has been on the market for a while. This in turn makes it more likely that buyers will make low offers. You need to refresh your presentation.

2. What Is The Look To Aim For?

We are now at the height of summer, having just passed the summer solstice and the presentation of your property should reflect this. In summer, your buyers will be looking for somewhere that feels light and airy, just as we wear clothes that are light in colour and which are made of lightweight fabric. We open the doors and windows to let in the fresh air.

There is also the desire to bring the outside in and recreate that feeling of outdoor living. Consider the rise in popularity of bi fold doors and the trend towards creating outdoor living spaces as an extension of our indoor living area. When you are presenting your property for sale at this time of year that is the feeling you are aiming for. How do you do this?

3. Using Lighter Window Treatments

Image of windows in a living room with simple pale curtains

I’ve just mentioned the impact of light. One very simple way to increase the amount of light coming in to a room is to consider your window treatments. You don’t want these to obscure the windows. Swags and pelmets are attractive and add character particularly in period properties but they can cover part of the windows blocking the light so remove them. Change heavy drapes for ones in lighter weight fabrics such as linen or voile and also light colours. If you have blinds and curtains take the curtains down and just have the blinds.

4. Updating Soft Furnishings

Similarly to your curtains change cushions and throws for those made of lighter weight fabrics and summer colours. In cooler months we want to snuggle up and be cosy so you choose fabrics such as wool, velvet or faux fur in autumnal or jewel colours. In summer, swap to linen, cotton and silk in colours that reflect the outdoors – think of the coast or countryside and patterns that reflect these spaces as well. Often you can buy cushion covers on their own without the pads so changing over for different seasons doesn’t require a lot of extra storage. 

5. Finishing Touches

Image of a gallery of 6 botanical prints mounted on a wall above a console table

In addition to soft furnishings think about other accessories. Change your artwork. Bring in lots of greenery and summer flowers. Vases and ornaments that reflect the season add the detail. Once the space has been refreshed to reflect the summer get your agent to arrange for fresh photos to be taken so that their marketing can be updated.

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