Earlier this week I was listening to Chef Tom Kerridge speaking with Chris Evans about his new tv show and book Lose Weight For Good.Image of Tom Kerridge Book Lose Weight For Good

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth this might have to do with interior design or staging your home for sale. Well, in the interview Tom talked about how he had lost 12 stone – almost half his body weight. He was asked how he gone about it and he and Chris discussed how do you approach a task that seems so daunting – where do you start? Tom explained how the most difficult thing is taking that first step, in his case that first visit to the gym. This is a feeling that will be familiar to anyone who has started any diet but it applies to other areas of our lives as well such as changing a career or job – or….moving house.

It struck me as, I was listening to the interview, that when we contemplate moving or even giving our home a bit of a refresh it can seem overwhelming. In the case of moving there a lot of things to think about, choice of estate agent – when to put the house on the market, choosing a solicitor, organising removals etc. Your thoughts might include whether you might need to do some work to the house (will it be worth it?) and if so what should you do?

If you are planning a refresh your home again you are faced with a number of choices. You may be unsure as to what exactly to do, how to plan the layout, what colours to use to decorate and you may be worried about making an expensive mistake.

All of these things may mean that you hold back from taking that first step and ultimately achieving that next stage of your life whatever that may be. To help with these fears and get you started, I offer an initial consultation where we will chat about your plans, what exactly it is that you want to achieve and I will advise on the options available to you. The cost is £150 and this is redeemable against the cost of a future instruction – a detailed report in the case of staging for sale or a mood board for interior design.

Contact me on 07745 876182 via e mail to or complete the enquiry form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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