I know the feeling, I’ve been there myself. You’ve had a viewing, the agent rings and the feedback is positive, but then silence. Why is this? I believe one reason for this is that, as a nation, we are very polite and don’t like to offend other people.

For example, have you ever done the following?

a) Told a friend that an outfit suited them when you actually thought it didn’t.

b) When the waiter asks if you’ve enjoyed your meal replied “yes it was delicious thank you” only to walk out vowing never to return because the food was awful.

c) Received a present that isn’t really something you would choose, only to tell the giver that it’s just what you wanted.

We have all kept our true opinions to ourselves at some point because we did not want to upset or offend the person concerned. This is equally true when we view houses especially if the seller is doing the viewing themselves rather than the agent. Homeowners often like to do the viewings because they feel the agent doesn’t know the house as they do and the agent won’t do as good a job.

There are two reason why it may not be a good idea for the homeowner to conduct their own viewings. If the seller shows the viewer round the viewer is likely to make positive noises because they understand that most people are proud of their home and they don’t want to appear to be critical of the home owner or their taste. If there are negative aspects the viewer won’t mention them. When the agent calls the seller to ask how it went the seller will say the viewing went really well and the viewers seemed to like it. The agent rings the viewer only for the viewer to say it wasn’t for them. The viewer may be honest with the agent or they may offer some neutral reason for not proceeding such as location, proximity to schools etc.

The other other aspect is that when the seller does the viewing they will be in the back ground and this may inhibit the viewer from discussing possible changes they might make which would then mean the property would work for them. When the agent conducts the viewing the viewer (if a couple or a singleton viewing with a friend/ family member) feel the freedom to talk about changes without fear of upsetting the vendor. A good agent will understand what the viewer is looking for and will be able to help them visualise how the property could work for them. The agent will hopefully get constructive feedback that will help the seller. Give your agent permission to encourage honest feedback about your home.

Yes a seller may have all the background knowledge but if a viewer has questions the answers can be obtained. What you want is for your viewer to feel comfortable and free to have a discussion and express their true opinion. Remember, whatever those views are they aren’t personal, they are a reflection of the fact that everyone is different.

Even if the agent conducts the viewing the viewer may give feedback that suggests a positive outcome but subsequently don’t proceed any further. Unfortunately, they may have found another property or had second thoughts and simply don’t bother to tell the agent.

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