One of the highlights of Christmas for me is the Christmas Advert from John Lewis, it’s become a bit of a tradition. There’s a sense of anticipation, what will they come up with next? This year the message is all about thinking about others – “show someone they’re loved this Christmas”. It’s a lovely message and of course it doesn’t have to be through a physical gift – it could be a card or a phone call.

But thinking about it from a more business like perspective, and forgive me all the marketing specialists out there, to me it seems that it isn’t so much about show casing all the different products although I’m sure it will boost sales of telescopes! It’s more subtle than that – it’s about creating a feeling that then leads you to visit the store and hopefully buy your Christmas presents there.

Why is this relevant to selling your house? It’s relevant because when you are selling your home potential buyers will have a lot of properties to choose from so your home needs to stand out. There are of course obvious ways you can achieve this, tidying up, cleaning, decorating to name just a few. There is also something less tangible, buyers often talk about “feel”. For me this means you need to help buyers picture themselves and their family living there and enjoying life there.

This can be difficult because feelings can be hard to articulate and it’s hard to try to imagine how people are feeling. Start by determining who are your target market, your estate agent should be able to assist with this, they should know the type of buyer or buyers who will looking for your type of home. Then think about their lifestyle, what sort of things are they going to want, is it family space, entertaining space or perhaps separate living space. Imagine what sort of activities the buyers will be getting involved in in the house. This then enables you to consider how to prepare your home to suit those buyers. This might be providing a playroom for children, a lovely bathroom, a seating are in the garden. Remember it isn’t just about the practicalities but the atmosphere.

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