Do you have your property on the market or are you thinking of doing so?

Wondering about what to do to enhance certain rooms?

Start with the lounge.

Although the kitchen/ diner has become a more important room in the home for many people, the lounge is still regarded as the principal reception room.

It’s the room that you, as the home owner, will most likely want to feel proud of and show off to guests. When a property is shown to prospective buyers it may the first room on the house tour.

So this week I thought I would share some tips on the presentation of this important room.

1. Space.

Allow buyers to fully appreciate the amount of space available. Consider the amount of furniture, is there perhaps too much so that the room feels cramped.

Image of a spacious lounge with wooden floor, settee, chair with footstool and wooden coffee table. There are glass paneled doors at the far end

This can impede the flow in the room, i.e. how easy is it to move around, especially when it comes to coming into or out of the room.

We tend to position furniture around the edges of a room on the basis that it will make the room feel more spacious but that isn’t necessarily the case. Try moving furniture away from the walls.

The layout of furniture in a room can make a big difference to the sense of space so it’s worth moving it around.

2. Decor

Image of a lounge with neutral decor

The decor needs to be neutral. You want buyers to feel that they could easily move straight in without having to embark on a major decorating project. Along with the flooring, these are the building blocks of the room.

You may worry that this may make the room feel boring but you don’t need to. A feature wall in a colour or wallpaper that is subtle introduces an interesting element without being overpowering especially in a large space.

3. Furnishings and Accessories

Image of neutral coloured settee dressed with a selection of plain and patterned cushions in teal blue and throw draped over the arm

Consider what you have already. Presenting your home for sale isn’t all about going out and buying new. It might be that an item of furniture, a lamp or piece of artwork would work better in another room so take a look around. Do you have a nice chair of your main bedroom that would suit your lounge better than an existing one. Your lounge is the showcase room so it needs to set the scene, a space that your buyers will aspire to live in. So against the neutral decor introduce touches of luxury in the form of cushions, throws, lamps. Set the scene with a few “coffee table” books and fresh flowers.

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