Recently I had to take my car for its MOT. I received a helpful reminder from the dealership I use, booked the appointment and took the car in. A short time after dropping the car off, I received a call to say that unfortunately the appointment was too early! You are allowed to have the MOT undertaken up to one month before the due date and still have it dated the date of the MOT. So I had to re-book the MOT which was a bit of a pain. A few days later I was invited to complete an on-line survey which I did, politely pointing out the difficulty I had encountered. Imagine my surprise when, shortly afterwards I received an e mail apologising for what had occured and offering me a free MOT next time. Excellent customer service in my opinion.

This got me thinking about what does customer service look like when selling your home? I am talking about you as the home owner rather than the customer service provided by your estate agent. Well, I think we are talking about the experience potential buyers have when they view your home and a couple of points come to mind from my exeriences of conducting viewings for an estate agent. It is important that your potential buyers feel that you care – about the property and about them.

On occasions I have gone in to a property and it has been dirty and untidy, as if the owners have literally just walked out of the door as if just going to the shops. My thoughts are that when you are selling your house you are selling your home you are asking people to spend a lot of money. If it appears that you cannot be bothered to make any effort to make your home look presentable when people come to view then frankly it shows a lack of respect for the viewer. Also if it looks as if you don’t love your home, why would you expect anyone else to love it? On a practical level it will be reflected in the amount of any offer they make.

Another example is not being able to find a property. I have had other occasions when I have driven up and down a road trying to find a property but there was no For Sale sign and I struggled to see a house number or name. Believe me it is very frustrating! If this is the experience viewers have they are not going to be in the most positive frame of mind when looking round your house.

So think about your viewers when you are selling, think about what you can do to make the experience of viewing an enjoyable one for your potential buyers. This will put them in a positive frame of mind about your property even they don’t ultimately make an offer.

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