Last night I watched The Billion Pound Hotel, a behind the scenes documentary about the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Having visited Dubai several times in the 1990’s I have watched with fascination the development that has been taking place. You might not think that there is much connection between this top end hotel and selling your house but I felt that there were certainly a couple of lessons to be drawn.

Presentation – as you would expect, everything about the hotel is absolutely immaculate. We might not be lucky enough to possess furniture whose legs are covered in gold leaf or Swarovski  crystal chandeliers, but we can all ensure that our property is clean, tidy and well maintained.

Attention to detail – as you might expect, no attention to detail is spared at the Burj. If the gold leaf needs replacing on a chair it ends up being replaced on all the furniture so that each piece matches. Similarly,when selling, attention to detail matters. This includes things such as checking to see if any light bulbs need replacing, does the doorbell work, cleaning light switches and sockets. Such issues taken individually won’t make a difference but collectively they add up to an overall impression that this is a property that is loved and well cared for, which will reassure buyers.

The experience – staying at the Burj isn’t just about the bricks and mortar of the building it is a whole experience. The arrival across the causeway (or helicopter if you are very lucky) the greeting as you enter, the welcome from the concierge etc. When you sell your house your viwers are also going to have a experience when they have a viewing. What is that experience like? From driving along the road and finding your property, to standing at the drive, entering through the front door, moving from room to room, all these elements contribute to the experience your potential buyers have when undertaking a viewing.

We aren’t going to end up the Burj Al Arab but maybe a little of that sparkle can rub off. If you feel you would like some guidance on presenting your home for sale then contact us via email at  call us on 07745 876182 or complete the enquiry form on our contact us  page.  We’d love to help.