According to the latest data from HMRC, there were 190,980 sales in March – the highest level since 2004 and double the number for the same period last year. This increased demand lead to an increase in prices of an average 8.6% over 12 months. There are of course regional differences with the North West among the areas seeing the highest growth. This demand is driven in some cases by location (people moving out of towns and cities), incentives such as the stamp duty holiday and the improved availability of finance especially for first time buyers. This is great news if you are looking to sell.

Does a buoyant property market, one where properties are selling within weeks, days or even hours of going on the market mean that sellers don’t really have to worry about the presentation of their property because it will sell quickly anyway? It’s very easy in an active market for sellers to assume that it doesn’t matter what condition your property is in because it will sell anyway. I say no, and for a variety of reasons.

Graphic of a house being looked at through a magnifying glass

As referred to above, there are reasons for the current level of activity and they may not apply in the case of your property. It’s important to understand your particular market both geographic and the type of property you are selling. Is your property in a sought after area, is it the type of property that is most in demand? As ever it pays to do your research – read up about the market in your particular location and speak to local agents. As ever take time to understand your market.

Image of a hand in a yellow rubber glovecleaning a kitchen worktop

As a matter of courtesy (and your own pride), when you have someone coming to view your property it should always be clean and tidy at the very least. It has amazed me on some viewings I have undertaken that it is clear that the sellers have made no effort at all. Imagine, you are asking to pay buyers to spend a huge sum of money if they buy your home, I think it’s disrespectful not to leave it clean and tidy. Give it a good Spring clean.

Image of a wooden bench on which there are a hammer nad metal tape measure

Never forget that buyers still have a choice. In a rising market it is likely that more people will be tempted to put their homes on the market and therefore there will be an increase in supply. Properties that have unfinished DIY, are cluttered or generally unappealing will still lose out to those that are better presented. Not everyone wants to do work, many buyers want somewhere they can walk straight into.

if your property is well presented and the images used in marketing it show this, it is likely to attract more interest which generally translates into higher offers. A rising market means properties sell more quickly but well presented ones are still likely to sell for more.

To sum up, just because use the market is active doesn’t mean a property will sell no matter what it’s condition, presentation does still matter. So finish those DIY jobs, de-clutter, reach for the Marigolds and get out the paintbrush.

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